Primary Sources

Finding Primary Sources on the Internet

Here is a list of sites for you to begin looking for primary sources to use with your primary grades.

Teaching Students to Analyze a Photograph

Suburban, Urban, Rural Communities in the US

Ben's Guide (K-2) Your Neighborhood

NYC Architecture - Photos

McGruff – Children and Crime Prevention

Mc-Graw Hill - 2nd Grade Activities

Harcourt School Publishers – 2nd Grade (Communities)

Structure of Government

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government (K-2)

Individuals, Families, Schools, Communities Change Over Time

America’s Story

Of Soda Fountains and Ice Cream Parlors

What Do Catalogs Tell Us?

Century in Shoes

The History of Fashion and Dress

One Room School House

What is it?

Milestones of Flight

Maps and Globes

Map Adventures


Yahooligans – Holidays

Berit’s Best Sites – Holidays

Kathy Schrock’s List of Holiday Sites

Kids Click – Holidays!/midholi.html