Technology Integration By Design
Gr. K-2

Daily Online Computer:  Assign students to look up information on the Web.  The information on these links changes daily.

Technology Stations:

Magazines to find great websites:  
(Check with your school Media Specialist to see if these are available in your Media Center.)

Searching for Educational Websites:  
  When your search term is a phrase, use quotes.  For example:  "polar bear", "endangered species".

Meta-Search Engines Search Engines Directories

Website Starting Points

Email Newsletters

K-2 Information Cadre: 
Jennifer Suskovich,
Sylvia McClure,
Heather Newman,
Carl Harvey,
Kristy Pollard,
Danielle Kettler,
April Scheib,
Denise Whisler,
Anne Janelsins,

MSD of Warren Township

Moorhead Elementary School
8400 East 10th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46219