Software Guides and Tutorials


Curriculum Software

most files are Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format

Tool Software

ClarisWorks Word Processing detailed guide
ClarisWorks Spreadsheet detailed guide
CorelDraw 8 5 page guide
Corel Presentations 4 page guide        "Slide Show Helper"
Corel Word WordPerfect 2 pages of "tips"
Curriculum Unit Planner 3 page quick guide     5 page guide to the "Open" writing environment
FileMaker Pro Building a Database
HyperStudio 2 page Quick Guide    79 page Tutorial    133 page Reference Manual
Art Techniques    Animation    Tesselate
Kid Pix 1 page "How-To"      Tool Bar description     1 page Slide Show guide
Publisher 3 page guide

Special Character codes for all word processors
(using the Alt key + these numeric codes will produce the special characters (you must use the numeric keypad, not the numbers on the top row of the keyboard)



Curriculum Software

"Profiles" include a description of the program, suggested subjects, strands and curriculum expectations addressed.  They may also include student activities.
The Teachers Guides provided here are the electronic versions that were included with the software.  Other print-only manuals may also have been provided when the programs were distributed.


ABCircus/ABCirque   Profile     Teacher Guide (8 pg)
A to Zap Profile     Teacher Guide (86 pg)
Bailey's Book House Profile
EasyBook Profile     Activity Book (40 pg)     Teacher Guide (56 pg)
Graphers Profile     Teacher Guide & Lesson Plans  (103 pg)
Le sac mots Profile
Math Circus Profile
Math Team Pro Profile
Mathville Jungleway Teacher Guide (31 pg)
Mathville Kidway Teacher Guide (26 pg)
Mathville Speedway Teacher Guide (29 pg)
Math Workshop Profile     Teacher Guide (83 pg)
Millie's Math House Profile
My First Amazing Picture Dictionary   Profile
Neighourhood Walks Profile
Pioneers Teacher Guide & Blackline Masters (112 pg)
Plumo at the Zoo  Profile    Teacher Guide (5 pg)
Reader Rabbit Profile
Sammy's Science House Profile
Theo, Leo and Manda Profile